White Wine


William Hill, Central Coast   7.95/31
Hints of citrus, notes of vanilla and toasty oak round out the pallet.

St. Francis, Sonoma   35
Tropical fruit and apple flavors, toasty oak notes in a crisp supple finish.

Frei Brothers, Russian River Valley   44
Flavors of green apple and orange zest followed with rich, nutty flavors leading to a silky finish and a plush mouth feel.

Shafer “Red Shoulder Ranch”, Napa   76
Wonderful notes of marmalade, apricot and honeysuckle.


Pinot Grigio

Morassutti, Frinli   6.95/27
Crisp, medium body with citrus aroma and refreshing flavors of ripe apple in pairs.

Maso Canali, Trentino   9.95/37
Mild and fragrant with light limiting flavors.

Santi, Delle Venezie   38
Exotic fruits, lemon and lime, rich mouth feel.


Sauvignon Blanc

Starborough, New Zealand   7.95/31
Refreshing tropical fruit accent.

Nobilo Icon, New Zealand   36
Opulent tropical fruit flavors, complemented by terrible and mineral characteristics.



Polka Dot, Germany   7.95/31
Perfectly balanced between dry and sweet, soft flavors of pair and nectarine.

Wente Riverbank, Arroyo Sec, Germany  36
Aromas of honeysuckle, lychee and grapefruit, with a hint of nutmeg in clove.


Italian Whites

Colosi Bianco, Sicilia   7.95/31
Clove and banana aroma profile, crisp and poised with lime notes.

Antinori Orvieto Classico Campogrande, Umbria   39
Citrus driven, crisp and juicy.

Ecco Domani Moscato, Italy   6.95/27
Bright floral aromas with tropical fruit.

Si Soave Italia, Vente   6.95/27
Lively, fresh and smooth.

Rocca Di Montemassi Vermentino, Tuscany   36
White flowers, with spicy notes and hints of just barely ripe fruit.

Tunina, Jermann Vintage, Frinli  89
Voluptuous and nuanced, clearly focused, impeccably balanced.

Roero Arneis Malabaila Di Canale, Italy  39
Clean and delicate, highlighted by pear aromas and flavors.


Sparkling Wines

Bellini,  8.95
Blood orange or white peach cocktail.

Codorniu Cava, Spain   split 6.96
Light and crisp with the green fruit notes.

La Marca Prosecco, Italy  35
Fresh and vibrant, golden apple, white peach and honeysuckle.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne, Reims France  89
Aromas of white fruits, reasons in vanilla.

Don Perignon Champagne, Reims France  AQ
Balanced, forceful and nuanced.